Boerderij stal met binnenzwembad

On the countryside of the small village of Biezenmortel, on the edge of a national natural reserve, lies an old farm. Through several generations the farm has slowly been transforming to a biological farm, giving place for rare cows, donkeys and shelter for the herd of sheep from the adjacent natural reserve. Beside this, the farm is host for demented elderly, who come as day guests and experiencing the wellbeing at the farm. The new building is a transition between the existing farm house, the farming and the elderly care.

One part of the building serves as an indoor swimming pool, looking out over the meadows. It can be entered from both the private and daycare part.  The other part is designed as a storage shed for agricultural use. Some parts of the building are kept open, where antique agricultural gear are being exposed and guests can linger.

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