South-Woods Villa Juul & Lucas / kitchen

What if your husband is classic and you are modern? If he likes rustic detail and you like minimalism? Then what you get is a house with character and exciting (seeming ) contradictions! The facade of this spacious house is characterized by four huge black -framed portals each containing a single 6-metre high sheet of glass. The balustrade of the balcony above the front door (left) continues into the house to protect the vide in front of the windows, and the runs out of the house again on the right side where it encircles the terrace on the veranda. This zinc-clad ribbon gives the facade its human measure. At the back the stark verticality of the facade has been exchanged for horziontality. Large sheets of glass between 80 cm square columns and 20-cm wide horizontal slats give the same boldness,but with a much more open character towards the garden. This surprisingly different exterior has repercussions on the interior: the stately 'Cannes effect has become loungey 'St. Tropez'

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