Villa Extension and Metamorphosis Marieke & Rob

If clients put their heart an soul into getting the best results and have a eye for detail, the architect does not have to worry about the final result. The 'house on the corner' had been for sale for quite some time and was generally viewed by the neighborhood as a bit of an odd man out. 'There really wasn't much you could do with it'. Yellow brick and dark oak frills: a terse house. By putting up two long garden walls combined with a wing on the right side, the composition of the house was changed dramatically. The house was no longer a isolated object an began to merge with its surroundings. A large entrance structure was also added which gives a vertical accent and ensures that the house is in harmony with the verticality of the trees. The house has un unpretentious aura, and that simplicity becomes it very well. An elegant and subtle residence was created through perfect teamwork with the clients. The house couldn't care less about fashion and because of that shows all the more character

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